Moto G84

Moto G84: Unveiling the Latest Smartphone Technology Marvel

Moto G84

Motorola has once again grabbed the stage in the bustling world of smart phones, where invention knows no bounds, with the big reveal of its latest creation, the Moto G84 5G. This smartphone has caused quite a stir in the tech sector, owing to its excellent specifications, intriguing features, and appealing pricing point. In this post, we’ll go over the Moto G84‘s key specifications, unique features, price in India, and everything else you need to know about this game-changing smartphone.

A Stylish and Sleek Marvel

The Moto G84 5G is a compelling blend of design aesthetics and cutting-edge technology that has arrived in the Indian market. Its sleek and attractive design immediately draws attention, making it a promising alternative for anyone looking for a device that blends beauty and functionality.

The Appeal of 5G

The Moto G84’s 5G capabilities is one of its most notable features. In a world where high-speed connectivity is critical, this smartphone keeps you ahead of the digital pack.

Taking 50 Megapixel Photographs of the World

Photographers will love the 50MP OIS-enabled camera, which promises to take your photography to new heights. You can say goodbye to wobbly and fuzzy images with optical image stabilization.

Lightning-quick Charging

Nobody like waiting, particularly when it comes to charging their electronics. The Moto G84 features 30W charging, so you can spend less time plugged in and more time enjoying your smartphone.

The Price Point that Turns Heads

Now, let’s talk about the most intriguing aspect—the price. Motorola has set the bar high by offering the Moto G84 with 12GB of RAM and a whopping 256GB of storage at an astonishingly competitive price of just Rs 19,999. This move has certainly shaken up the market, making it one of the most attractive options in its segment.

The Journey of Availability

Mark your calendars, as the Moto G84 5G is all set to hit the Indian market on September 8. You can get your hands on this tech marvel through Flipkart and Motorola channels.

Delving into the Technical Specifications

Now that we’ve piqued your interest, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of the Moto G84’s technical specifications.

A Visual Delight

The device features a 6.55-inch pOLED display with a refresh rate of 120Hz and a peak brightness of 1300 nits. This pOLED screen ensures brilliant colors and deep blacks, just like standard AMOLED displays. However, pOLED displays also contribute to the phone’s lightweight and compact design.

Fluid Performance, Fluid Experience

Motorola guarantees a clean software experience out of the box with Android 13, with the promise of an update to Android 14. In addition, the phone includes proprietary Moto Connect capabilities. It’s powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 695 SoC, which is well-known for its dependability in mid-range smartphones. This combination, when combined with 12GB of LPDDR4x RAM and 256GB of UFS 2.1 storage, ensures smooth performance.

Impressive Dual Camera Setup

Motorola chose a dual-rear camera arrangement, which is a welcome change. The Moto G84 5G comes equipped with a 50-megapixel OIS camera and an 8-megapixel ultra-wide camera, allowing you to capture every detail. A 16-megapixel front camera is available for selfie enthusiasts.

Getting Your Day Started

The Moto G84 is powered by a large 5,000mAh battery that supports 30W charging. It’s worth noting that it comes with a 33W charging brick in the box.

Beyond the Specifications: Distinctive Characteristics

Motorola goes above and beyond with its unique packaging, which is a nod to environmental sustainability. The phone’s box reduces plastic usage, setting a new industry benchmark. Furthermore, it introduces Pantone color variants in the sub-Rs 20K category, with options including white, black, and magenta. It is one of the slimmest options in its class due to its streamlined design, which measures just 7.6mm. Furthermore, it is IP54 water-repellent, ensuring durability even in inclement weather.

The Moto G84 Saga Comes to an End

Finally, the Moto G84 5G demonstrates Motorola’s dedication to producing high-quality smartphones at reasonable pricing. It’s ready to make a huge impact in the Indian smartphone industry, thanks to its excellent specs, compelling features, and unmatched price tag. The Moto G84 5G offers something to offer whether you’re a photography fanatic, a tech enthusiast, or simply looking for a fashionable and trustworthy handset.But, as with every equipment, it has drawbacks. When compared to some competitors’ triple or quad-camera setups, the dual-rear camera arrangement may appear antiquated. Furthermore, while the price is reasonable, it is critical to examine your unique demands and preferences before making a purchase.


1. Is the Moto G84 5G worth the money?

   Absolutely! The Moto G84 5G provides exceptional value for money thanks to its impressive specifications and low pricing.

2. How does the camera perform in low light?

   The 50MP OIS-enabled camera captures detailed and well-exposed photographs in low-light circumstances.

3. Does it have extendable storage?

   Unfortunately, the Moto G84 5G does not allow expandable storage, so you’ll have to make do with the 256GB of internal storage that comes standard.

4. Is the phone waterproof?

   Yes, the Moto G84 5G has an IP54 water-repellent construction that provides some water and dust protection.

5. Does it come with a screen protector and case in the box?** While a screen protector is not included, it does come with a protective case to keep your device secure from the start.

In a world where smart phones are continuously evolving, the Moto G84 5G represents Motorola’s commitment to provide quality and innovation to its users. Now is the time to gain access to the future.


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